A few mixes, tracks, and whacks go out to these artists below:

Daft Punk - RAM

I have stayed my ground about this album, and further buried my feet in the quicksand when the first round of media got their industry bloated entitled ears on it. This is intelligent dance music. From the collaborators, to the seamless gentle deployment of their marketing; this album is tip top. These robots are from my generation of house music when you didn’t have a drop every 60 seconds. This is for the house head generation that was part of a movement. You can stream it on Itunes.

Sensual Harassment - Capri Suntan

Again the miracles of social media, artists who are just as passionate to find fans as fans are to find artists; I give you Sensual Harassment. They have an EP out, Escape to Alpha Draconis. They gave a much ode to Sex on the Dancefloor Disco in “Disco Heart” with a truly fucked up video of a total sexed up lunatic chick that for once isn’t me. It was directed by Joel Hernandez, which is the next David Fincher. 

This track is conjuring up Spring, road trips, and making hand waves with your hand that hangs out of the rolled down car window. Put on some screen, and get lost in the vocals, and picked out strings. 

Sensual Harassment - Capri Suntan

Thomas Bangalter and DJ Falcon - So Much Love To Give ( original version )

In order to make deadlines, center myself I go to classics rather than new mixes. I get back to the happy memory that the track played soundtrack to. With the celebration of Daft Punk’s new album, it is the entire French House music history that is deep in my psyche. 

So Much Love to Give!

Classixx - Hanging Gardens 

These LA homies are now part of a very well respected family Innovative Leisure. This track is right in the middle, or cusp area of Electric, House, Disco, with them titling it “Nu Disco.” I hear hints of Kraut, mid 2000’s Ibiza compilation, and Cafe Del Mar too. It is just a nice natural way to get to the dancefloor without having to miss the 8 drops in 2 minutes. This is classy grown ass people music. 

Hanging Gardens

Sensual Harassment - Black Magic Summer Mix 

I harassed these guys to make me a mix to further get into their minds. What they came back with is true genius, and it is keeping with my back to classics vision this week. You can download and stream it via Clash Music as it is an exclusive. 

Black Magic Summer Mix  - CLASH MUSIC MAGAZINE

Mayer Hawthorne - Her Favorite Song 

I have had the biggest crush on him, since our Do Over days in LA. He is back, and he has also gone back to his classic sonic ID. This track “Her Favorite Song” is just beautiful and needs to be listened to in the sun. He has been touring a lot. I have seen the evolution of his live show from this non confident slightly awkward stage presence; to a a true Rat Pack master of Ceremonies. He is confident, and loves to improvise, and move all over the place. 

Her Favorite Song - Mayer Hawthorne 

Mayer Hawthorne’s story is quite amazing. He gave his demo to PB Wolf from Stones Throw and he didn’t check it out for weeks. When he did, he swore that M.H. sampled the tracks to the high heavens and thought no way could he clear all of it to make it a record. This story came to mind when I was given some tracks by Farewell Luna. 

Jared’s voice, and music is such a throwback to Mayer I almost thought it was Mayer. This EP “By The Morning” is truly beautiful. It is a bouquet of Incubus Roses, Mayer Hawthorne blossoms, and old soul records you would hear at a car wash waiting with your parents. This guy is unsigned which is unreal to me. However why sign at this point in the game. 

Farewell Luna has a great live video collection. I personally love the parking garage sessions, and would like to see more of this style. 

Farewell Luna is baby making, and heartbreaking music

And for the whack.. the Whackness Monster is alive and well in in Music. Irony is slowly decaying the level of excellence in music. It doesn’t matter how much PR/Marketing you have. If the music is whack; it is whack. Friends or Foe’s it doesn’t matter to me. Don’t make music cool, because you want to be different. Dick. Like everyone changing their minds about the RAM album. Pick a side and own it. 


I feel like I am living this song… 


I finally understand now what it is like to be an adult. To feel like an adult. To finally see the disconnect between my wild youth, maturity, and the wisdom to understand the difference. It wasn’t an instant sensation over my body. It wasn’t just one night. It has been building since I moved to New York. 

It wasn’t with one guy or girl, or group, but this staggered line of events. It was this frown when walking into a room and seeing the same situation I saw ten years ago. It was this lump in my throat when I see the same pained expression of holding back. It was the sinking feeling of reading an email, that glued me to my chair. 

It was the avoidance of confrontation, and not digging past the surface of a conversation. These tiny little immeasurable memories. Building and building until it explodes in this prism of colors, emotions, and a passive notion that the next time it will be different. Yet it never is. 

When you get to a certain age, or a certain level of experience; people, places, and things start to become repetitive. What first was exciting, like an all nighter of blow, parties, and sexual encounters turns into this mechanical experience. No life, or human connection involved. It was the standard, not the unique experience anymore. So what does one do but push the mathematical envelope further. 

I saw it the face of myself. sprawled out on a hotel floor. My professional life swirling in the drain of the pit of my stomach. My personal life, in shambles as if it were 2005. Just this substitute for love. Putting myself in a situation that I am most comfortable with. Denial. Denial of me ever truly being loved. The denial of myself being worthy of love. The denial of help for self abuse, and being abused. Because for some reason I feel I deserve it. 

I finally see I am an adult. I no longer crave the damaged situations I once felt normal in. I don’t feel normal anymore there. I actually want the boring nights that once hated. I want the normalcy so that I can start getting deep inside my head, and deep inside someone else’s. I want that head nod across the room that means a million conversations. I want that five minutes from a man completely in silence and have it not be so uneasy. 

I am rambling. The longest week. New York, I believe the score now is 1 to 1… I have earned it the last month here. 


I had the great pleasure of interviewing my new Asian girl crush I want to be. Her name is Eri Wakiyama. 

She just is an Art Illustrator who has worked with Herve Leger and Commes De Garcon. I fell in love with her because of her gorgeous hair, and she glides into the room as if she is one of her drawings with no floor underneath her.
Her art is that of a beautiful doe eyed lady in various forms of life and beautiful clothing. Some are smiling coyly over your shoulder, as if you to let you know you are not just the only one in her life.
Some are actually quite sad, which is so interesting to me because they are the ones in the most beautiful clothes and color. Perhaps this is just my own psyche of connecting to my issues. Yes, Art expression. 
She makes me want to walk around New York in head, as I can only imagine how she sees this world. Some people say they are artists. Some people say they collect Art. Eri is actually a living piece of Art. From her hair, her expression on her Japanese structured face that twists in a pensive moment. Then she smiles and everything seems right in the world for that moment. 
My interview is amazing. Not because of me.. because of her. So happy 

I have been hitting 2000’s bands pretty hard as of late. I miss these sweeping ballads with dark distinct voices of my band crushes. From Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam, Tom Smith of the Editors, Damon Albarn of Blur, Paul Banks of Interpol. All distinct singers with these such dark, open lyrics of the post-punk revival moment. 

I think it was more of where I was in my head, creating this fantasy that these men were going to sweep me up from my real life problems. These men seem to be able to express themselves to me, but I can’t get the man across the table from me to even acknowledge my existence. 

No Post Punk after midnight. It makes great writing, but f*ck if it doesn’t scramble your head and heart. I guess I should be happy that I feel something. 


Reading about love when you write about it when you are 25 is completely different then when you write about it when you are ten years older. The words, tempo, and even the look are so much different. A young girl has this image of love, relationships, and long term only which she has read about. Mostly what she has been told. It is this imprint of every movie, song, conversation she has ever had. 

Then life happens. Not this Sex in The City Life. But real life. The ugly parts, mixed with this sense of adventure. For me at least, there is always this sense of mixed feelings as I get older. The younger self always asks pretty much the same question Alice asks “But who’d ever think to look for me here?” Who will ever love me after all of this? 

Music has this way of encompassing all of it. Johnny Cash had this great love, but also this immense dark side. A daily battle, with this beautiful woman with him. I just see it as this twister of emotion, ebb and flowing between them. I think this is my fairy tale. This constant challenge of what has been told to me, and what has been expected. 

"If we don’t forgive ourselves for our mistakes, and others for the wounds they have inflicted upon us, we end up crippled with guilt. And the soul cannot grow under a blanket of guilt, because guilt is isolating, while growth is a gradual process of reconnection to ourselves, to other people, and to a larger whole."

— Joan Borysenko

I love this quote. I think because it applies to me the most. I never do the right thing. I say the wrong thing. I do the wrong thing. I am the wrong thing. With each forgiveness comes this gentle layer of acceptance of both myself and the beautiful people in my life.  

So I error less, and think about things. I guess I am like a dog. But one of those pound puppies. 


But when your twentyone, you’re no fun…. 

Ladytron really needs to come back, and stick the formula. I love their look, and truthfully I wanted to like be their girlfriend. Both of the girls. I wanted that look, and the hair. I did rock the make up and hair; but never really grasped the vibe. 

But this needs to come back. It makes sense. ELECTRO



To those that do not like or know of the headliners. Then perhaps the festival circuit is not for you. Everyone is so programmed as of late to only wait for the bass to drop. YES, ME, JENNA IS SAYING THAT. You need to diversify your bands. These old bands simply influenced all your current rockers. 

Yes, I didn’t like Bowie’s new stuff. However I respect it. Everyone needs to be exposed to new music, whether it from a new band, or established one. It was wise of him to put himself out there; because even I went back through my Bowie tracks. The connection has been made.

The Stone Roses? Blur? Has anyone traveled to the UK? No. These bands started off like Beach House, and even whack ass Twin Shadow, or Purity Ring. It is interesting to me to see the generational divide from Gen X to Millennials. Who did they think was gonna be headliners? Radiohead? Green Day? This isn’t KISS-FM and the Jingleball. 

Festivals globally are curated based on what needs to be heard. New album? Back together again? Festivals are Music History. A time capsule of what is relevent, or about to be.

Perhaps because I have fallen in love at Coachella. I made friends, lost friends. But the journey of this festival has been with me since 1999. I have seen this go through drama like a real life person. Break ups, triumphs, surprises, and let downs. The point is you plan this for so long, with care to look at all the bands. The point is to get exposed. 

Get out of your comfort zone. Live a little. Learn a little. 

January 31st is my two year anniversary of moving to New York. I am still in awe of this city. I have never been so appreciated, admired, desired in my life. Or ever pushed off a bus by an old man. It is overwhelming at times the amount of love I get. I am just a Cali girl who hit the reset button. 
There are three bands that somehow have ended up playing the same week as my two year mark in this town. Each one was purposely put in my life the second I got off the plane, so I am not surprised by the timing. All three bands further keeping me focused on what I want to do. Each soundtracking the night when I saw them, and that feeling of not wanting the night to end. 
I would like to extend an invitation to three shows I am attending; but also reporting/reviewing on. It would truly mean the world to see everyone out, and like true Jenna fashion I am giving all my new friends three separate viewings of me. 
Sunday - Cameo Gallery - Moon Furies w/Ancient Times https://www.facebook.com/events/104740579696417/
I just adore those boys. Moon Furies from start to finish, and my happy little accident are starting my week right. Try a Rocky Balboa Synth with real brass, a three person drum break; and you will be rocked by a mosh pit with half the band in their with you. I am covering them, and also speaking with Ancient Times front man. It is their album release show. My boys!
Monday - Mercury Lounge - Fan-Tan w/Dead Stars, Osekre and the Lucky Bastards https://www.facebook.com/events/118887334950603/
Fan-Tan is also celebrating a lot. New video, new album, and their post-glam / post-rock appeal is soothing my 80’s heart. They are playing with Dead Stars who I am covering, since they are also finally coming into their own. Osekre and the Lucky Bastards are the Brooklyn Staple for a good night of shows. Remind me of the early 90’s Ska nights in OC with the crew. I am really happy when I see this bands perform. I am a proud momma-bear 
Thursday - Mercury Lounge - Kodaline https://www.facebook.com/events/188514931273352/
Talk about emotional outpouring of heartbreak. This will be the losing of my mind. This band has been my savior not only for me, but now for the world. I can’t believe they are playing the tiny little Mercury Lounge. I can’t believe I will review this band. I want everyone there. They are super fun lads, with the world at their feet. It is so nice to see how they progressed in such a short amount of time. Afterwards I believe pints and a good craic are in order. 

"… LCD Soundsystem’s Last performance of "All My Friends" at Madison Square Garden, was the first concert I went to when I arrived in NYC. I had no job, no place to live, two suitcases, and a circle of close friends wrecked in the wake of a much loved and admired friend’s sudden passing. 

It made me, and all of us shift on our axis with the gravity of it all. I couldn’t make sense of the weight on me. All I knew was I had to do something, as I had felt dead inside for quite some time, smothering myself in numbness and long nights……..”

"… LCD and James have the dubious honor of being the houseband of the force that lifted me out of LA, from my family, from my home, from my boyfriend to the very seat at Madison Square Garden this night. 

I connected with James in his interviews and press about his non explaining the final concert’s reason to no more than a few simple paragraphs. Him seeing that life is different at a certain age, and the partying, touring, music and friends have run its course. He saw the new faces, and felt the disconnect of himself to the current…” 

"…I hold on to this song, this concert, this moment. This is where I got the first wave of comfort of my decision, and of the pain and loss. I can do what I want to do, in the hardest town, completely on my own. At my age. Again and again.

Because I am still alive, and so is everyone. We have all lived such a marvelous life. A life that many people dream of. I need to be appreciative of my life, and the people in it with me. The bullshit situations, and mistakes really don’t matter in the scheme of things. Every single word this song has, is this tailor designed fit of a bandage across my heart…”

- xo

p.s. for bands/artists who feel that their message is not getting across because you aren’t selling out MSG. You are wrong. Someone out there like me was saved by that late night 8-ball session you had dicking around on your guitar. It might not mean something at the time, but there was a force pushing you to do it. So keep doing it.


I am sad for her to a point. Club/bar life is fun, but seriously it is a 5 hour long soap opera. From who is banging wait staff to regulars, the lines blur of what you would normally do on the street and up in da clurb. I don’t know how many times I have freaked out over stuff while involved in it. Then I think, “Would I let some girl talk to me at work like this? How would I handle it?” 

Yeah, I would grab a stapler and throw it at her because she is flirting with a client that I like. Makes sense. 

Dating, Drugs, Alcohol, Clubs, Bars… it just creates this kaleidoscope view of what is really happening. Nothing.But the club lights and sounds make it really pretty and easy to move to. 

So many wasted nights belly up to a bar in the hopes of some Dj, or band member will come to their senses as I watch them make out with some random girl. My mom is right. “No good happens after midnight”.. which is the precise time I like to leave to go out. Glutton for punishment.